We Begin . . . Again!

Yes, this begins the second year of A Year with the BCP.  A handful of folks in Idaho completed the study last year, but there are many good intentions out there, so others will be sharing the experience this year.  I hope you will join us!

The big question might be why someone, particularly lay someones for whom the study is designed, would want to take on a yearlong study of the Prayerbook.  First, considering that two million Episcopalians are usually familiar with about twelve pages (355-366) of the BCP, it might be a good thing to spend some time learning more about this book that guides and defines our worship life.

We could learn more, but also, this study could serve as a practice.

Years ago while at an education conference, I rode in an elevator with someone who said,

I listen and I forget.  I read and I remember.  I do and I understand.

Three days of posters and charts and educational theory and the only thing I can remember about the conference is that comment in the elevator.  It has stuck with me because it is true.  I would be quick to admit that at worship I often listen and forget and, only sometimes, read and remember.  Taking on a study as a daily practice means doing and understanding.

The challenges in all of this for me are in the word “daily” and in working alone, so the idea behind this blog is to keep each other company as we work our way through the year.  You may notice that the blog didn’t go so well last year, but as a “practice” I will be a faithful blogger this year.  And, in case you get tired of one person’s perspective, we will have guest bloggers who may actually know something!

There is a lot of information in the Hatchett Commentary and much of it leaves me with more questions; sending me to reference books and Google almost daily.  Some of what I found I will share here and I hope you will add your comments and findings, too.  Photos, quotes and YouTube clips may also be part of the experience.

Today we read Psalm 8.  If you would like to sing along, here are YouTube links to a couple of interpretations:



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