Jo Leuze

Our good friend, Jo Leuze, passed away last week.  She was a longtime member of the Church of the Ascension, a worship leader, the founder of our prayer shawl ministry and a lay Eucharistic visitor.  Jo was devoted to the Prayerbook and the rites of the church.  Her son said at the memorial that the family had to plan trips around the church seasons because Jo wanted to spend the important days with her church family.

 Jo was also one of the editor/proofreaders for the A Year with the BCP project.  Some of you may not know how this worked.  Rather than just one having to read, edit and proof the entire project, I invited twelve people to each take a month of the booklet and during the month of August 2010, the group did the daily readings for the month they each had been assigned.  Jo had the month of May which includes collects for Holy Days.  She protested that it was August, she was assigned the month of May and she was reading collects for Holy Week! 

 She kept lengthy notes about her readings and it has been fun to go through them again this week.  Here is one from May 5 (written on August 5) while Jo and her husband, Jim, were on vacation.  With typical thoroughness and good humor she took her assignment with her.

 “May 5 – To anyone who is familiar with the technological age it is not                     a problem, but for old goof-offs on vacation, the shear weight of the        resources is a handicap.  As I shlump from motel to house to ____ it              would be nice to check a screen rather than 20 lbs of books!”

 When we get to the month of May, I will share more of Jo’s insights from her notes.

                  Almighty God . . . We give you heartfelt thanks for the good                 examples of all your servants, who, having finished their course in faith, now find rest and refreshment. . .                                           

Rest in peace, friend Jo.

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