Read, mark, learn, etc!

This blog is being developed as part of a year long study of the Book of Common Prayer, but until January 1 we are learning and inwardly digesting all things WordPress so please bear with.  If you are interested in participating in the study you will need a BCP, a copy of Marion J. Hatchett’s Commentary on the American Prayerbook and the study guide,  A Year With the BCP by Stephanie Crumrine.  You can order the Commentary through Amazon or at Cokesbury and the study guide by emailing .

3 responses to “Read, mark, learn, etc!

  1. Good start Steph Like your glossary as I am feeling somewhat vetus as I enter this new year!

  2. Being one who was appalled at having go through the Psalms twice in one year, I am now really into them. I like chanting them the best, but don’t always take the time. Reading “The Cloisters” by Kathleen Norris really helped (thank you, Stephanie). Now I’m hooking the Daily Office and our prayer chain prayers to my study, to make it a bit more devotional. Haven’t settled down to a regular time yet, so I get variety in my prayers.

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